Stump removal

At Trees R Us we also offer stump grinding services following the removal of trees. We can remove stumps from our clients’ property at the end of the tree surgery process. Most stumps are removable including the entire root ball. This process may be beneficial when landscaping or where the root may cause damage to paths and structures, including pipes or underground cables. Stump removal is an important process as it can prevent the tree regrowing.

We remove stumps in a variety of locations, including for the purpose of site clearing and preparation or in areas where there is tight or limited access. We ensure we follow all regulations before digging, including dial before you dig.

Stump grinding helps to complete the tree removal process and ensures the area looks visually pleasing. At Trees R Us, we ensure that we leave the area clean and tidy following the grinding of any stumps.

At Trees R Us we work with our clients to identify which stumps they want remove for multiple tree removals particularly for site preparation jobs, this ensure a great result is achieved.

Contact us today on via phone (02 6292 9305 or 0421 635 931) or if you require stump grinding or any other tree surgery services.