Hedge trimming

At Trees R Us we offer hedge trimming and shaping services. We have extensive experience working on a number of different properties across the region, including shaping hedges on private and commercial properties. We have also completed hedge trimming work at a number of embassies and embassy residencies around Canberra.

We shape, prune, and tidy all types of hedges. This process can be completed usually in April/May each year or coming into spring. When hedge trimming, we follow industry standards and use precision and accuracy to ensure a quality result. We have experience working with a variety of hedges in many settings including suburban, parklands and rural areas.

For larger hedge trimming jobs, we have experience using cherry pickers to shape the tops of the hedges. This ensures we obtain the best result as we can see the top of the hedge and ensure an excellent finish is achieved.

At Trees R Us we work with our clients to identify how they would like their hedges pruned and shape to ensure a great result is achieved.

Contact us today on via phone (02 6292 9305 or 0421 635 931) or contact@treesrus.net.au if you require hedge trimming or shaping services or any other tree surgery services.