Pruning and shaping

At Trees R Us we also provide tree pruning and shaping services. We have worked on many different trees on a range of properties (private and commercial) across the region. At Trees R Us we prune and shape our clients’ trees for aesthetic or safety reasons. We complete this type of service on an annual, half yearly or as required basis. Our pruning and shaping are completed to the highest standard and in accordance with the Australian and industry regulations. Tree pruning and shaping services can include removing significant parts of the tree or shortening branches. It just depends on what the client requires for the particular job.

Occasionally the client is required to obtain a permit from the ACT Government (TAMS) for significant or major tree pruning. Before pruning any regulated trees (or those that come close to the regulation requirements) we ensure we follow all relevant laws and processes for obtaining the required approvals from TAMS.

For jobs requiring approval (a permit) from TAMS, we strongly encourage our clients to apply for approval prior to seeking a quote from us. When providing a quote, we can also advise about any permits that may be required as well as providing assistance with applying for the permit. For information about the Tree Activity Application and to obtain the relevant forms please visit the ACT Government via the following link.

At Trees R Us we work with our clients to identify which branches require removing through the tree pruning and shaping process to ensure the best result can be achieved.

Contact us today on via phone (02 6292 9305 or 0421 635 931) or if you require tree pruning or shaping services or any other tree surgery services.

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