Dead wooding

At Trees R Us we provide dead wooding services as well as pruning and shaping on many different trees found in most Canberra gardens. In the dead wooding process, we remove dead, dying and diseased branches from the tree (particularly throughout the crown). We also look for any parts of the tree that looks particularly vulnerable and at risk of breaking or becoming further damaged.

Dead wooding is an important process to undertake for aesthetic reasons. It helps make the tree look visually pleasing by removing any dead branches or unwanted aspects of the tree. It also a preventative mechanism to minimise the risk of branches snapping off or a tree falling over through experiencing high winds or storm damage. Dead wooding can also help to reduce the overall weight of the tree and prevent pests entering the tree.

It is important to complete dead wooding on a regular basis as it reduces the weight of the tree and can help preserve its life as well as prevent it from becoming dead or dangerous. It can minimise the risk of branches falling onto other trees or nearby property. Dead wooding usually occurs as the tree ages and matures. At Trees R Us we complete dead wooding services at any time of the year depending on the tree’s condition.

We have completed a number of dead wooding jobs on commercial and public properties including schools, where it is particularly important to prevent branches falling into large open areas. Dead wooding can also help to provide more light into properties.

At Trees R Us we work with our clients to identify which branches require removing through the dead wooding process to ensure the best result can be achieved.

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