About us

Trees R Us is a Canberra based tree surgery company. We are family owned and operated. At Trees R Us we service Canberra, both north and south sides, and the surrounding area.

As Evoenegy accredited tree surgeons, we are authorised to work in close proximity to powerlines including to remove trees near powerlines and prune trees or branches away from powerlines. We specialise in all aspects of tree care and protection and offer a range of services such as tree removal, tree pruning, hedge trimming, mulching, Elm Leaf Beetle Injections, tree shaping and reduction and dead wooding. No job is too small or large for the Trees R Us team.

Trees R Us offers obligation free quotes. We also provide advice to our clients on how we can help them to achieve the best results. Contact us today to request a free quote.

Trees R Us offers an emergency call out service after hours and on the weekends and we are fully insured and accredited.

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Our Services

We provide a range of services
We remove large trees that are dead, close to dying, dangerous, untreatable, unwanted or damaged by wind or storms.
In this process, we remove dead, dying and diseased branches from the tree (particularly throughout the crown).
We can prune and shape our clients’ trees for aesthetic or safety reason on an annual or as required basis.
We shape, prune, and tidy hedges. This process can be completed usually in April/May each year or coming into spring.
We can remove stumps for our clients’ property at the end of the tree surgery process.
We provide this service to clear the job site and reduce the branches and foliage to wood chippings and mulch.