Chipping and mulching

At Trees R Us we provide chipping and mulching services. In this process we clear the job site and reduce the branches and foliage to wood chippings and mulch. We are able to leave wood chips and mulch on site free of charge or remove it if unwanted by the client. At Trees R Us we pride ourselves on safety. All our team undertake regular training and refreshers to ensure we maintain high work safety standards particular when using wood chippers.

We work with our clients to discuss their mulching requirements and ensure this is factored into the job specifications. Wood chips serve as great mulch and help to keep the soil moist and prevent it from drying out. It can prevent the spread of weeds and weed seeds. It can also help to maintain the soil temperature constant.

Contact us today on via phone (02 6292 9305 or 0421 635 931) or if you require chipping and mulching or any other tree surgery services.