Large and dangerous tree removal

At Trees R Us we specialise in the removal of large and dangerous trees. We remove large trees that are dead, close to dying, dangerous, untreatable, unwanted or damaged by wind, storms or wildlife (such as damaged by birds). However, before removing any regulated trees (or those that come close to the regulation requirements) we ensure we follow all relevant laws and processes for obtaining the required approvals from the ACT Government (TAMS).

For jobs requiring approval (a permit) from TAMS, we strongly encourage our clients to apply for approval prior to seeking a quote from us. When providing a quote, we can also advise about any permits that may be required as well as providing assistance with applying for the required permit. For information about the Tree Activity Application and to obtain the relevant forms please visit the ACT Government’s website via the following link.

We also have extensive experience with the removal of trees using cranes. We sometimes require a crane to assist with lifting large branches or tree trunks, particularly when removing dangerous trees (for example, after storm damage or high winds) or when site access is poor or near powerlines.

Many of the large and dangerous trees we remove may be close to (or already have) dropped limbs, which have an increased risk of landing on property, paths or roads and causing significant damage or injuries. Other situations requiring removal include large splits in the tree, damage to limbs or the root structures (including the root ball). These types of jobs are technical and often in high risk locations with limited access such as those found in many suburban Canberra gardens.

We work closely with our clients when undertaking these types of removals to ensure the best results can be achieved with minimal damage to property.

We offer emergency call out service after hours and on the weekends. Contact us today on via phone (02 6292 9305 or 0421 635 931) or if you require urgent removal of a tree or branch or any other tree surgery services.

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